How To Access Files & Folders From Your Taskbar!

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windowsxpThis is an easy way to get to the folders on your system without having to open a Windows Explorer  every time you want to access files. I find it very useful to have this feature as it allows me to access my Folders and Drives immediately and saves me a lot of time.So i am sharing this trick with you.

Follow the simple steps:

1. Right Click an empty spot on your Taskbar (Between your Start Button and your System Tray).
2. Click Toolbars.
3. Click New Toolbar.


4. A Small Window will Open that allows you to pick the folder you wish to make a Toolbar. If you want to access your Desktop Without having to minimize all your windows. Just Pick Desktop. If you want to access ONLY your My Documents Folder, Select that. Any folder will work for this.
5. Click OK.

Screenshot >


The New Tool bar will appear at the bottom of your screen next to your System Tray.You can add as many as new toolbars to quickly access the files and folders.


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