DAB Radio Battle: Roberts RD60 Vs The Roberts Stream 83i

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Technology is always changing, but that doesn’t mean that a new piece of hardware has to completely abandon the classic looks of previous generations. Roberts Radio has released two new models of radios that have retained some popular styles from past decades: The Roberts Revival RD 60 DAB/FM/RDS and the Roberts Stream 83i DAB/FM/WiFi Internet Radio. The Roberts Revival RD 60 DAB/FM/RDS was obviously designed to give people a “blast from the past” with its wooden case.


The intricate 1950s “retro” design really does set it apart from other devices. It comes in a variety of colors. One option is a leaf green body with gold and gray trim, and another option is a black body with gold trim. This model has a battery that can hold a charge for a maximum of 120 hours.

The Roberts Stream 83i DAB/FM/WiFi Internet Radio has the same capabilities of the Roberts Revival, but it has the additional function of connecting to thousands of internet channels through the WiFi connection. Like the Roberts Revival, this device seems to have a somewhat “retro” style as well, although it’s not as pronounced. It looks like the inspiration for this radio came from the late 1990s. It also comes with a remote control.


Both radios pick up DAB signals, and both small enough to carry. The Stream has a 3-way speaker system while the Revival does not. The Stream is around £120.00 without tax, and the Revival is between £140.00 and £170.00, depending on the exact style chosen. The Revival would be ideal for people who want a nostalgic feel at home or at the office. It is designed to be portable, perfect for someone on the move who wants style.

The Stream is more suited as a stationary entertainment system, even though it has a handle as well. Both models have excellent sound quality and a retro feel. Either one would be an great addition to the home or office.


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