Top 10 ways to Watch NFL Football Live Online for Free

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Here are the 10 best ways to Watch NFL Football Live Online for Free. The National Football League (NFL) was formed back in 1920 as American Professional Football Conference and the name was changed to National Football League in 1922. NFL currently consists of 32 football teams divided in two Conferences.

Watch NFL Football Live Online

The NFL Football is so popular that the league generates more than 8 billion US$ in revenue each season. A major part of such huge revenue comes from showing NFL games through TV subscriptions, pay-per-view on TV channels. Also, the League offers paid online live streaming of matches to computers, tablets and mobile devices through its service called Game Pass.

The passion for NFL Football is so high among people that don’t mind paying to watch the matches, but no doubt, there many NFL football fans that love to watch football without spending any money.

Luckily, streaming recorded and live content to any website has been made easy by Content Delivery Network (CDN) companies. Video content providers hook their live feeds to CDNs and CDNs make sure that you get to watch live video content on your PC through Internet without significant lags.

There are number of websites where you can Watch NFL Football Live matches online for free but the one thing you need to keep in mind is that streaming live video content on a website can be pretty costly and since these websites offer free viewing, almost all of them are ad-supported so that the streaming costs can be covered. Below is a list of top 10 websites to Watch NFL Football Live for free.

1. First Row Sports

First Row Sports covers almost all the sports and good part is that each live channel is provided with multiple alternative links that are regularly updated.

The cherry on top is that First Row Sports offers you a dedicated application for Microsoft Windows ® so that you don’t need to access the website every time you want to watch sports. It contains multiple links for ESPN and NFL Network TV channels to Watch NFL Football Live.

2. Online TV Live Stream

Online TV Live Stream provides live streaming links for all kinds of worldwide TV channels including news, entertainment and sports channels. The site offers multiple links for NFL Network TV Channel.


Stream To Watch website contains a huge database of worldwide TV channels. The website even has a separate category for previously aired TV shows. Sadly the number of ads is higher at Stream to Watch.


VIPBOX Sports is a high rated live sports website. The number of NFL football related channels is quite high. The site provides alternative links for these channels. Just like First Row Sports, VIPBox Sports has a dedicated application for Microsoft Windows®.


Justin TV is popular choice for people who want to stream their live content on Internet. The site allows users to create their personal online channel allowing them to stream personal or TV content. During NFL matches, users stream matches from different TV channels for free.

NFL matches’ streams can be searched on the website through built-in search engine. The site does not contain any ads providing viewers with comparatively better viewing experience.


Just like Justin TV, at UStream, users create their personal TV channels for viewers. A prominent channel for NFL for quite some time is STREAM.


Myp2p is a site dedicated to peer-to-peer schedule based broadcast of different sports. You only need to configure any peer-to-peer video streaming client to configure for watching sports.

8. Time4TV

Time4TV is a website containing TV channel streams from different countries. Currently the website shows NFL Network TV channel with the above link to Watch NFL Football Live.

9. Find Internet TV

Find Internet TV is different from other live streaming websites. It is a comprehensive aggregator of both recorded and live NFL content with links to external websites. The NFL Football related content can be found at the above link.


My Live TV Channel is a Blog formatted website and contains a single post for NFL Network at the above link.


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