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Many times while using Facebook, we see some outstanding news, The news that captures too much attention just let you read it if you install the application on that site. The bad thing is that, that news and links appears on your profile. But we can stop this by simply using the Unsocialize chrome and firefox extension.


Unsocialize extension, which lets you read the news without having to install the application. Usage is very simple, when you see a story and we simply right click and select Unsocialize and opens the news without having to install the application.

Whenever your Facebook News Feed contains items like “XYZ read an article”, this article link often redirects you to a “social reader” app install request, which will access your own information and post on your own timeline.  This extension provides a right-click menu item: “Unsocialize“, which will open the linked article in the new tab, bypassing the install request and any tracking metrics.

If you don’t want to authorize a third-party application to access your basic information, and post similar items to your profile/timeline; you just want to read the article. Then Unsocialize is for you, this extension works great and lets you read your news in peace without having to install the application.

Install: Unsocialize for Chrome or Firefox


Vishal Gaikar

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