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If you are one of the great fan of Instagram and you like to spend on Instagram app then I have one good new for you. Instagram for chrome extension is now available, from where you can access instagram directly from your browser.

This Super familiar Instagram interface makes it easy to browse, like, and comment on all the photos from your feed. Click on any name or hash tag to browse through.

Instagram for Chrome

This is a Google chrome browser extension which brings an experience similar to Instagram for smartphones, deployed from a button. As you can see in the picture, all show the “List” view. As attached to our account via the Instagram API, we can give like, comment and explore our profile.


We also access the Popular section, in addition to our feed. But unfortunately, no way to find photos or instagrammers. Another annoyance is that the extension just lost focus, we click anywhere on the screen or open a new tab, the extension will be reset to show the last thing to our feed. Pretty annoying when we, for example, browsing among our photos, or perhaps seeing the pictures of a particular user.

However, it is a quick way to view photos of our friends and photographers who follow them, without having to detach the browser. And the extension, it looks pretty good.

Of course, if you need something more complete, try Webstagram, which is the closest thing to a Web version of Instagram.

Link : Instagram for Chrome


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