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We have with us to the newest version of Firefox , Firefox 11. As we can expect from this cycle accelerated releases , no dramatic changes, but some interesting.Firefox now support SPDY protocol for websites that use it, the ability to synchronize between PCs Firefox, the option to migrate bookmarks, history, cookies Chrome, among other things.

As for Sync, you can now sync extensions . For some time, Firefox offers the ability to sync bookmarks, preferences, passwords and even open tabs, but the extensions, had been out of the equation. Now when you move to a new PC, enough to enable Sync in Firefox, and all our favorite extensions will be discharged immediately.

Firefox 11 also have tools for new developers, including the Code inspector Tilt-3D. This allows us to visualize the structure of the HTML page in 3D, giving us an idea of the hierarchy of page elements.  Mozilla also announced plans for Boot to Gecko (B2G), which will focus on the development of a “complete, standalone operating system for the open Web.”

As for SPDY (pronounced speedy) is a new alternative to HTTP protocol created by Google, which plans to accelerate the web. Twitter, for example, has begun to use it, but the adoption of this protocol is still small. So guys, download this latest version of the Firefox, Firefox 11 and let us know, what you think about this new version.

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