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As we all know that there are number of ways we can share content on the web like email, social bookmarking, article submission, bookmark and share and even saving the page locally.

Pluzit is the best online service that makes sharing and spreading your content easier than ever, all while giving you complete control. Pluzit is bookmarking and sharing service designed for the way you use the Web.

You can easily promote your website with Pluzit Button. Just simply add a Pluzit button to your website to make it easy for your website visitors to bookmark and share your contents using any social service.

Pluzit is a best service which will help your blog readers to submit your content to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, Slashdot, Google Buzz, Stumble Upon, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

With the Pluzit button web publishers can enjoy improved visibility, traffic, and search rank, precise analytics, all with a clean, custom look that cuts clutter and meets their design goals. Web surfers enjoy one-click bookmarking and feed subscription that maximize their online productivity and enjoyment.


You can select Pluzit button for your blog from their list of Bookmark Buttons. Even you can customize your pluzit button and create your button with all the options you need. This service is completely free  ; Pluzit doesn’t charge for its button or service no matter how much you use it. You can easily track usage and statistics of your blog that cover every visitor and every service.

Check out this Videotour to know how to embed this button into your blog. Pluzit also offers a browser plugin for firefox and IE. You can use the Pluzit browser plugin to send the information you collect online to your browser’s favorites, or any feed reader, bookmark, shopping, or podcast service, with a single click.


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