How to select all Unread Mails In Gmail ?

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Today we will discuss about how to select all unread mails in Gmail. As you all know in yahoo mail, there is a simpler way to view all unread mails with just a single click. But in case of Gmail there is no such option to select all unread mails once.

What if there are lots of e-mails in your Gmail Inbox and nearly a hundred more arriving every day, and you  don’t end up reading them. This simple tutorial will tell you how to Select all unread mails.

Follow the simple steps :

Step 1 : Log in to your Gmail Account !

Step 2: Now enter is:unread in the search box and select the Search Mail button.


type just type in the search box, label:unread.

Step 3 : Thats it, Now it will display the list of all unread mails 😛

I hope this trick will reduce a lot of work as many of us receive many emails a day. Just give it a try and let me know about your response. Drop your valuable comments here. thanks!


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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Living in Maharashtra, India.
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  • vincent van gogh

    Personally using outlook with a boat full of rules seems to keep most of my email problems in order.

  • Yeah, that’s true 🙂

  • Jimmie Dominguez

    Hello there. I am still really noob on blogging and all things around this field. There are various jargons I still can’t know. I’m not pretty sure I can blogging half decent to yours. I will read the whole blog maybe I can learn your blogging style a little.

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