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Eros International, the leading studio in the Indian media and entertainment sector, joined forces with FXLabs Studios, the leading end-to-end game development company in India, to launch India’s first 3D PC Action Game based on a Bollywood movie. Developed on the action packed film Ghajini starring Aamir Khan, ‘Ghajini – The Game’ will be distributed by Eros International in both Indian and international markets.

‘Ghajini’ is a Third Person Action game, which will provide a fantastic opportunity to all Ghajini fans to experience the movie through this exciting game.


Trailer of the New 3D Ghajini Game


Windows* XP SP2 with admin rights*
Intel* Pentium* 4 2.4 GHz+ or equivalent
Intel* G965**, NVIDIA Geforce* 6600 or ATI Radeon* X800
With 256 MB Video Memory
1 GB Free Hard Drive Space
OpenAL / DirectX* 9.0c compliant Audio


Windows* XP SP2 with admin rights*
Intel* Core 2 Duo or equivalent
NVIDIA GeForce* 7600 or ATI Radeon* X1650
With 256 MB Video Memory
1 GB Free Hard Drive Space
OpenAL/DirectX* 9.0c compliant Audio
Compatible with Intel Integrated Graphics Chipset G965 and above
(may require additional RAM for Shared Video Memory)

Download Links :

Rapidshare Links :

Download via Torrent :

Ghajini_The_Game [ Tricks Machine! ]

After downloading the GAME , Don’t forget to download crack from here. Then extract files from crack and replace Ghajini.exe in the installation folder with this cracked one!

Download Crack : Click here

Download the  game and experience the Aamir’s Life. Hope you like this post!


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

I am Vishal Gaikar, Software Engineer, Web Addicted,
Living in Maharashtra, India.
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  • arjun

    hi admin, i am tried from torrent but it also takes a lot of time because with downloading it upload files to other so i want a software which download files fastly can u please tell me that from where can i get such a software

  • Hi Arjun,

    I think Torrent client downloads stuffs very fast…still if u want to change then why don;t u try “Download Accelator Plus” or “Internet Download Manager”..

    This softs will definitely help u 🙂

  • Yeah Dude , Download the crack and replace the original Ghajini.exe in the setup folder with the original one 😛

  • arun

    hey admin i am downloading all parts of ghajini game but when i try to run it then i  after installation  it give me option that “did u want to remmove this program and its features ” i am unable to play it please tell me that how can i complete game process iam already download ghajini crack please help me

  • arun

    hey admin u can say that replace it with crack but there is no optiopn of replacing

  • @ Arun

    First extract the Files of Ghajini game and then install it.

    Then extract the Crack of the Game and copy the Ghajini.exe

    Now go to the installation folder and paste the Ghajini.exe file there…it will ask you to replace the file …say yes 🙂

    then simply double click on ghajini.exe…. Enjoy 🙂

  • arun

    hi admin, i am succesfully  complete the game bt in the climax there r some hints has been required that shows that ghajini is  alive (after killing  ghajini) can u telll me that fxlabs can made the second part of the  game or not ? replyy pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • @ ARUN

    No dude,I don’t think so there is a second part of this game 🙂

    BDW congrats man for completing the game 😛

  • arun

    Helllo, everybody my name is  arun. i am successfuly completing the ghajini game. now, i am come here to to tell imp. instructions abt this game to those people who r unable to download or play or installled the game.

    1. First check all the  system requirements are mentioned above r available on ur pc or not.

    2.Download all the 5 parts of game from rapidsharelinks or torrent

    3.After downloading  game, extract the game parts or game.then after extraction  a game icon of ghajini game named ghajini.exe. is present at the desired  place.

    4.Now,download the crack version of this game from the below link: 

    5.Extract the crackversion of the game. it creats two icons 1.ghajini crack me u copy the crack version and paste it in the installation folder  (which is in C:Program FilesFXLabs…)

    7. Here it ask u to replace the files. click on the’yes’.


  • hey administrater from above commentas it seems that you u r kind and helpful please tell me tha i have to downlod all 5 rar files?????????/
    and these atre .rar files will they run on pc?????????????
    and i have 512 mb of ram only will it work on my pc?
    pls rep soon      thanx

  • This game will work on ur machine but u will get slow speed

    try to upgrade RAM of  ur system to play games like this 🙂

  • M Aamir

    hello! anybody can tell me from where i can copy ghajini game save files?

  • Bharath

    Hai ADMIN.. How are you?? am Bharath from Kerala. I have doubt that Is this game will work on WINDOWS 7???

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